Raspberry Ketone Burn Voted Best as overall weight loss supplement!

To determine the best raspberry ketone weight loss supplement, it all comes down to potency. Potency is the strength of the product, in this case the levels of pure concentrated raspberry ketone that determine the outcome of the success rate while taking raspberry ketone to burn fat. This was noted in the recently aired Dr. Oz show titled “5 Fat Busters, for 5 Body Types, in 5 Days” where the reputable cardiac surgeon, host and all around nice guy Dr. Mehmet Oz proclaimed raspberry ketone a “miracle fat burner” explaining that high amounts of the supplement could be more efficient in burning fat than plain diet and exercise.

Indeed the level of potency in a raspberry ketone supplement has been directly translated into literally pounds per day. Studies of several top companies manufacturing raspberry ketone have shown noticeable differences in amounts of weight lost varying from product to product. This bears the question which is the raspberry ketone supplement available to be used? The top four companies leading the raspberry ketone market today are Raspberry Ketone Burn, Raspberry Ketone Lean, Raspberry Ketone Pure, and Raspberry Ketone New. These companies have been rated on five topics most often voted by internet customers as determining a satisfactory experience. These five topics are: Ease of website use, quickness of email reply, ease of return of unsatisfactory product and shipping speed and finally potency of product.

Our first subject is Raspberry Ketone Lean has been in business for nearly two years. Their website is clean and easy to use however their shipping is somewhat lacking and took nearly two weeks to reach the us, their customer service was excellent up until we attempted to return our product, unopened and unused. Despite countless emails and attempts to contact them by the phone number listed, we were constantly put on hold and the line mysteriously disconnected.

Our second subject was Raspberry Ketone Pure whose shipping and customer service were superb answering all of our questions quickly unfortunately when it came time to try and return our product, again unopened and unused we first spent nearly a half hour looking for the return policy instructions. When we finally located it, we were informed that we needed to first call customer service, register a complaint then wait for a review of our complaint! The staff at Raspberry Ketone Pure continued to give us the run around for the next two weeks until the time limit for returning the product had expired then they simply explained that it was past the policy and we would not be able to return our product.

The third contestant in our ketone gauntlet was RK-5000. We never received our product despite our credit card being charged twice in fact. The company failed to respond to any of our emails and furthermore their website is nearly impossible to navigate.

The fourth and final raspberry ketone company we tested was Raspberry Ketone Burn. A relatively newcomer to the raspberry ketone market, Raspberry Ketone Burn is outdoing the competition in leaps and bounds. To begin with, their website was incredibly easy to navigate and our order was quickly processed and a tracking number was in our email within 12 hours of the transaction. All our emails, were handled with the highest level of courtesy and knowledge, even going so far as being sent of a sample diet plan. Our product arrived in the mail less than 72 hours from the time we ordered it. When contacted about return, we were sent clear instructions. All in all making the ease of dealing with this company top notch. On top of all this, Raspberry Ketone Burn contains a super potent 500mg of raspberry ketone PER CAPSULE! That is five times the raspberry ketone dosage offered by the next competitor and makes Raspberry Ketone Lean’s paltry 100mg per capsule look a little weak in comparison. Raspberry Ketone Burn was the only company to both pass and exceed all of our expectations and the only one to earn our highest recommendation.


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Raspberry Ketone: Miracle or scam?

Recently Dr. Oz revealed an astounding new fat burner called raspberry ketone. He claimed that this revolutionary new dietary supplement supposedly could burn fat and allow the user to shed unwanted body fat without any added diet or exercise.  Many skeptics are saying that this is indeed too good to be true but the results don’t lie and millions of people are already experiencing the amazing benefits of this supplement that has been referred to as “the most revolutionary miracle fat burner of our age” by the good doctor. But is it true? Can raspberry ketone really help you lose weight without doing anything?

The results say absolutely yes!

Researchers found that adiponectin levels in the human body are related inversely to the level of body fat you posess. This means the higher your bodyfat percentage is, the lower your adiponectin levels are and the lower the bodyfat percentage you possess, the higher the levels your adiponectin will be. Raspberry ketone naturally raises the levels of adiponectin in your body allowing you will to lose weight effortlessly without exercise or radical diet changes. However it is important to make sure that you get a high quality formula, free from additives and fillers. Check out our top 3 best raspberry ketone products to find out what brand is rated as the most effective formula.